Remember, the Las Vegas strip is much larger and longer than it visually appears.  A hotel on the strip might look close by, but after a half-hour of walking you will discover “Objects in your view are much farther than they appear.”   We recommend driving or taking cabs.   There is also a low cost tram, that goes from Hotel to Hotel around the whole strip.

There is also are two monorails on the east side of the strip.  The north one goes from the Sahara to the MGM and costs about $5.  There is also one that goes from the MGM to Mandalay Bay that is free.  A third monorail is at the far north end that goes between the Hilton and MGM.  We have heard some unfavorable things from the locals about it and have only had problems with it personally on real busy weekends.

Bring your Walking Shoes !


The activities suggested here are what we consider to be the some of the best experiences for the dollars spent.  There are, of course, lots of other things to do.

These events are not specifically coordinated or attended by any specific people.  We want to you choose what you want to do and when you want to do it and how much you want to spend. Buying the tickets, driving to the location, etc.  will be under your control.

Lastly, on friday and saturday nights, traffic on the main strip road, e.i. Las Vegas Blvd becomes a parking lot.  Cabs become tied up in traffic and very difficult to obtain. If you plan on going out on Friday or Saturday nights, use your car or public transportation.

SUGGESTIONS:  Want more information added to this website?  Want to schedule some activities for the days AFTER the weekend? (incase you can’t make it to LV before?) just let us know.  We are here to help make your LV experience - the best.  Email us at bobb@oehcs.com